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Every COVID-19 patient in the UK may be invited to participate in the RECOVERY Trial. Randomisation includes the following arms: usual care alone; high-dose vs standard corticosteroids; baricitinib and dimethyl fumarate. The trial is designed to have the least possible impact on NHS staff. You will find Frequently Asked Questions on the site set-up page.

See Update Alerts on this page for update details.  

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update alertS

21 may 20201

The steering committee have recommended that we now stop recruitment into the REGN-COV2 comparison. Based on the number already recruited – and the overall number of primary and secondary outcomes – the trial has good power to detect plausible treatment effects. 

We have updated our statistical analysis plan which includes an appendix detailing our approach for REGN-COV2. We will discontinue recruitment at 23:00h BST on Saturday 22 May 2021. Follow-up continues so please ensure that your participants have their Follow-up form completes at the earliest of discharge, death or 28 days after randomisation. We will inform of you of the results once they are available. 

Please ask your pharmacy colleagues to continue to store any unused study treatment and we will be in touch soon with plans for this.