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Information for site staff

Every COVID-19 patient in the UK may be invited to participate in the RECOVERY Trial. Randomisation includes the following arms: usual care alone; high-dose vs standard corticosteroids; baricitinib and dimethyl fumarate. The trial is designed to have the least possible impact on NHS staff. You will find Frequently Asked Questions on the site set-up page.

See Update Alert on this page for update details.  

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update alert

13 may 2022

Following a planned review of the data by the DMC, we are instituting an urgent safety measure. This affects the high-dose dexamethasone comparison.

For patients who are on no oxygen or simple oxygen only

  • recruitment to this comparison should stop immediately (and this possibility has been disabled in the randomisation system)
  • higher dose corticosteroids should no longer be administered as part of the trial (patients recently randomised should not be given any further doses, but should receive standard doses (6 mg once daily) if indicated).

For patients on non-invasive ventilation, invasive mechanical ventilation or ECMO

  • recruitment to this comparison remains open and is encouraged

All participants should have follow-up as usual. All other treatment comparisons should continue without change.

Further details are provided in a letter sent to investigators today. Thank you very much again for all your help with RECOVERY.