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We would like to measure how well your lungs are getting oxygen into your blood and whether dimethyl fumarate improves this. We would do this on four occasions over the next 10 days (or until you go home if sooner). This will involve measuring your blood oxygen levels (with a clothes peg-like device on your finger, toe or ear) while the amount of any supplemental oxygen you receive is slowly reduced. If you feel unwell at any time during this measurement, it would be stopped and your oxygen supply returned to normal. It will take up to about 30 minutes each time. 

We will also assess the severity of your disease on a daily basis (just by reviewing your medical records) and ask you how well you are tolerating the dimethyl fumarate and if you have had any side-effects 

We will also collect the results of some blood tests that you may have done as part of your routine care. If they are not done as part of your routine care, it would require about 3 mL of blood to be taken on one or two occasions. Once analysed at your hospital laboratory they would be destroyed.