On this page you will find information for pharmacists involved in the RECOVERY Trial, including FAQs and HRA Pharmacy Assurance.


  • Any trial stocks of hydroxychloroquine, dexamethasone or azithromycin that you have left over may be used for “business as usual” supplies. This means that you can use the dexamethasone to treat patients requiring oxygen for COVID (as stated in the CAS alert). The hydroxychloroquine can be used for its licensed indications.
  • Remaining lopinavir-ritonavir stocks should be held in case they are required for a future UPH trial.
  • Baricitinib is to be supplied from NHS stocks (as approved by NHS England and the devolved nations). Baricitinib use should be recorded so that it can be reimbursed (eg, by Blueteq form in England).

If you require more than this, please email