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A range of potential treatments have been suggested for COVID-19 but nobody knows if any of them will turn out to be more effective in helping people recover than the usual standard of hospital care which all patients will receive.

The RECOVERY Trial is currently testing these suggested treatments: 

  • high dose vs standard corticosteroids
  • empagliflozin
  • sotrovimab


Please note, these are sample randomisation forms. Randomisation can only be carried out online.

Randomisation form - adult (v18)

Randomisation form - child (v18)

Randomisation form - international (v18)

Randomisation form - Nepal (v18)

Randomisation form - Vietnam (v18)

RECOVERY legal representative participant information sheet (PIS)

Patient Information sheet translations

PIS+ICF v19.1 Bengali

PIS+ICF v19.1 French

PIS+ICF v19.1 Polish

PIS+ICF v19.1 Portuguese

PIS+ICF v19.1 Punjabi

PIS+ICF v19.1 Romanian

PIS+ICF v19.1 Urdu

PIS+ICF v19.1 Welsh

Acknowledgements to:

Health and Care Research Wales,
London Metropolitan University, 
The Guildhall School of Business and Law and their network of translators,
The NIHR Clinical Research Network.