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Every COVID-19 patient in the UK may be invited to participate in the RECOVERY Trial. Randomisation includes the following arms: usual care alone; high-dose vs standard corticosteroids; baricitinib and dimethyl fumarate. The trial is designed to have the least possible impact on NHS staff. You will find Frequently Asked Questions on the site set-up page.

See Update Alerts on this page for update details.  

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update alerts

18 October 2021

We have submitted a Substantial Amendment (number 20) to MHRA, REC and HRA. This amendment covers the following topics:
1. Changes to consent: this clarifies the procedures around obtaining consent from a professional legal representative. Updated training will be made available once approval is received and further details will be provided then.
2. Change to the outcomes for the early phase assessment of dimethyl fumarate.
3. Other clarifications in the protocol. Further details will be made available once approvals have been received.