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1. HRA and REC approved document set Documents (zip)
2. Initial MHRA application Documents (zip)
3. Initial HRA, REC and MHRA approvals Documents (zip)
4. Non-substantial amendment 1 Documents (zip)
5. Addition of new site substantial amendment


HRA approval new sites 2020-03-23

6. Substantial amendment 1

RECOVERY SA1 submitted to REC

RECOVERY SA1 approvals

7. Substantial amendment 2

RECOVERY SA2 submitted to REC

RECOVERY SA2 approvals

8. Substantial amendment 3

RECOVERY SA3 submitted to REC

RECOVERY SA3 approvals

9. Substantial amendment 4

RECOVERY SA4 submitted to REC

RECOVERY SA4 HRA categorisation letter

RECOVERY SA4 approvals

10.Substantial amendment 5

RECOVERY SA5 submitted to REC

RECOVERY SA5 HRA categorisation letter

RECOVERY SA5 approvals

11. Substantial amendment 6

RECOVERY SA6 submitted to REC

RECOVERY SA6 HRA categorisation letter

RECOVERY SA6 approvals